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Transaction Partner is a human-based, personalized, real estate transaction management partner dedicated to helping local agents better manage their real estate deals.

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We save realtors time and money.

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Automating document requests, agent deadline reminders saves you valuable time and effort.

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All costs come directly from clients upon closing, meaning it doesn't come out of the realtor's pockets.

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    Discover why Transaction Partner should be your go-to transaction team for maximum efficiency and growth.
    Transaction management is a well-known business practice, and the similarities are notable with other firms. It’s a deadline based job, so there’s not much room for variation in tasks. However, our specialty is the relationships we provide and the connection we make by being the liaison between the realtor and the client. We take pride in the honest fact that our clients consider us friends, and therefore, hold a great amount of trust in our abilities. We do not forget about the transaction once it is complete and their buyers and sellers are our buyers and sellers!
    As TMs, you are our client, and the buyer or seller is your client. We strive to have seamless communication with all parties. We will always copy you on any emails sent out so that you are aware of all correspondence and developments regarding your file. All other contact will be per your discretion.
    Upon partnering with you, we will ask for your login credentials to access your compliance system. This way, all items needing signature, as well as commission requests for disbursement authorizations come from your account. This avoids any confusion for the buyers, sellers, etc. Your credentials are stored in an encrypted system to ensure they are not tampered with.
    Transaction Partner has a flat rate per file of $325. Most of our clients charge this $325 fee (or more) to the end buyer or seller at closing, effectively making our services free to use. This rate is not to be paid to us unless (and until) the transaction closes and the home/property sells! We also provide pre-listing compliance for an a-la-carte flat rate as well.
    Nope! In working with us the first time around, we show just how beneficial our services are. Through our testimonials, it is clear that we save realtors time and money, while exponentially GROWING their business.
    We will include our fee onto your DA (Disbursement Authorization) to show the amount due to us. Title will then cut the check from the correct closing funds, and mail directly to us! Most of our clients are also paid an equal amount from the buyer or seller at closing, making our services free to use, while we help you build your business!
    And of course, we help real estate businesses grow by removing the complexity of compliance and State and Federal regulations, time spent scheduling inspections and appraisals, endless paperwork, and communication we do with your client to save you hours on every transaction to do what you do best – meet more amazing buyers and sellers!
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